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Reagan: Months 10-12

Month Ten

In a Nutshell- By this time things were really getting fun!  I started taking Reagan to a music class and she loved it!  We're still going now and she's the most social, enthusiastic one there.  Reagan was a good eater as usual.  Over her prune phase now, she loved yogurt and cheese...oh my god the girl goes crazy for cheese!  She all of a sudden loved green vegetables too.  And fish and quinoa!  We took so many steps when she was first starting solids to introduce veggies first and to give her plain veggies, not just veggies mixed with fruit so she would like vegetables and not just want to eat fruit all the time.  I think maybe we did too god of a job because she'll eat broccoli and asparagus over apples and strawberries- not your typical 10 month old!  We started eliminating bottle feedings as she started drinking formula from a cup.  At this point Reagan was saying "uh-oh" ALL the time.  She started waving to everyone everywhere we went, pointing to everything, and was always clapping to her music.

This month we thought Reagan was going to crawl any day.  She was on her hands and knees rocking back and forth, ready to take off.  But she never took off...not on her hands and knees anyway.  She decided she was going to get around by scooting on her butt instead and she got good at it.  She was fast!  This was a whole new world.  When I tried to clean the house, Reagan would make a mess double the size of what I had just cleaned up.  I now spent most of the time chasing after her, but it was so fun to see her go.

Most Memorable- Seeing Reagan scoot around on her butt.  Watching Reagan having a blast in music class!

Biggest Lesson Learned- You can't make a baby crawl! 

Month Ten Pics

 Too cool for school!

Corned beef at Gram's for her first st. patty's day.

Month Eleven

In a Nutshell- This month was Reagan's first Easter.  Her Keffer Grandparents, Aunt Ella and Auntie Andrea came to visit!  Ben was home more often now and would be for most of the spring and summer.  Reagan was obsessed with her daddy and Meatball and said their names constantly- calling for "daaa" and "daw"- she couldn't quite get the g in dog.  After everything I did - I was like chopped liver compared to them!  It's like it was just a given that I was around but dad and the dog were exciting!  Reagan started getting her top two front teeth in this month.  And with more teeth came more teeth to brush - I literally would spend half an hour trying to brush her teeth and she would just clench her mouth shut!  I acted like a crazy person just trying to make her laugh so I could get the toothbrush in her mouth!  I'm still working on figuring out the best way to get her teeth brushed (besides having my dental hygienist mom do it).

Reagan was still sleeping pretty well but she was obviously teething.  She would normally sleep 11 hours a night and would maybe wake up once or twice for a quick cuddle and then would go back to sleep.  Many mornings though she'd wake up early, sometime between 4 and 6, and when that happened I brought her in our bed and she would cuddle up and go back to sleep with mom and dad for an hour or two more- so much for the sleep training!  But we were all still getting some pretty good sleep so that's all that mattered.

Most Memorable-  Reagan yelling for dad everywhere we went- the grocery store, music class, anywhere, whether dad was there or not- and she was loud!

Biggest Lesson Learned- Mommy isn't always the favorite :-(  But when she was tired or upset, I was still first choice :-)

Month Eleven Pics

 First Easter

A total ham for her first professional pics- she really worked the camera!

A full bed

 Our little dancer!

Month Twelve

This last month of Reagan's first year was another busy one!  Reagan got another cold (and so did I-we normally get them together)- this turned into her first ear infection.  Up until now Reagan only had a couple minor colds and had never taken any medicine, not even tylenol.  Now we had to giver her 3 medicines a day and she HATED it.  The first day, I squirted her in the eye with ibuprofen, Ben held her nose to get her to choke it down- it was terrible.  But after a couple days we all got more used to it.  Then Reagan got a separate virus and a rash- either from the virus or the amoxicillin.  The jury is still out on whether or not she's allergic to amox.  And right around this time, Regan got 5 more teeth!  She only had two for the longest time and then got 4 more on the top and one more on the bottom within a couple weeks- another one on the bottom is definitely in the works now.  This was a little rough patch, but at least we made it almost through the first year without her getting sick, and she was back to her happy self again fairly quickly.

This month was my first mother's day.  I treated myself to some yoga and a hot stone massage and Ben and Reagan got me some great gifts.  I also took my first trip away by myself to see Amanda in Charleston.  It was unbelievably hard to leave even almost a year in, but once I was gone, I had a nice little break and Ben did a great job with daddy-daughter weekend!

Reagan has really changed by leaps and bounds this month.  She is pulling up on everything now and really cruising around all the furniture and walking really well with her push toy.  She can follow commands with astounding comprehension, like "get the dog's toy and give it to him."  She says dada and dog of course but now she also says mama and cheese and yells "bye!" when anyone leaves.  She's also working on her animal sounds and today was saying "quack, quack" when asked what a duck says!  She understands no, but definitely does not always listen!  She is the happiest baby and so good, but she definitely has a stubborn side!  And lately I long for the days when she would just sit still on the changing table- now diaper and clothes changes can take at least 15 minutes- the girl doesn't stay still!

Tomorrow Reagan turns one.  Tonight was her very last bottle ever.  I will miss how sweet she always looked drinking a bottle and our cuddles during feeding time.  But these last three months have been my absolute favorite so far.  There aren't even words to describe how much joy Reagan brings me everyday.  Watching her grow into her happy, fun-loving self this last year has been without a doubt the most rewarding experience of my life.  Playing with Reagan is really so much fun now.  Like the other day when I was stacking blocks and she would knock them down and we'd say "boom!" and she had the biggest belly laugh and laughed so hard she fell over and we both just lied on the floor laughing.  Or this morning when I was at the bathroom sink getting ready for work and she was tickling my legs and feet trying to make me laugh.  I will never forget these moments.

I'm not sure who has grown the most this past year.  I think Reagan has to take the cake on that one but I am definitely a changed person from a year ago tonight on the night before Reagan was born.  That night I had all these expectations of being the perfect mom because that's just my personality.  The biggest thing this past year has taught me is that I don't have to be perfect, I don't have to do what all the books say or even what the doctor recommends to the letter- I just have to do what feels right and be the best mom I can be for Reagan.  And I've learned this year that my best is pretty darn good!  I can't take all the credit though.  I never would've made it through this year without my husband.  He has been my rock and the voice of reason in moments of temporary insanity and meltdowns.  He took care of me when I was too preoccupied with Reagan to take care of myself.  But now we've made it through (well, one year anyway).  There were moments at the beginning when I just wanted a do over because I felt like I had already screwed everything up, but in the end, I wouldn't change anything about this year.  It was perfect in its own way and perfect for us.  I can't wait to see what year 2 has in store!

Month Twelve Pics

 Daddy's Girl

 My first mother's day

 A little light reading before bed

 So peaceful (in mom and dad's bed)!

 Like an old lady at the beach.

Last bottle ever :-(

Ready to walk!

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